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Dr. TJ Kramer


Dr. Kramer was referred to ZuBarc in early 2022 by a professional colleague and trusted source. He and his wife Kara have operated their practice in beautiful Fort Thomas, KY, since 2020. Their practice has thrived, requiring them to initiate an expansion project.

Their new facility is beautiful. Over my 25+ years traveling and working with clients, when I come across a thriving practice, I try to seek the "why." I've found several common threads. In Dr. Kramer's case, the practice embodies many to most of these common threads. 

To start, they are located in a growing area - demographics. Their practice offers its clients a wide range of services and they have invested in many of the latest technological advancements our profession offers. Their new/modern facility builds trust and provides a relaxing atmosphere for their patients/clients, and above all, they exemplify care and compassion. The entire staff is second to none in patient care and communication. Dr. Kramer has implemented a culture that patients seek and respond to from the top down.

That same care and compassion carried over to our experiences with Dr. Kramer and his team as we worked through their designs. Our Design Team conducted several consultations on our way to Dr. Kramer’s Final Design.  Together we examined and studied how they operate and interface within their environment, identified systems they desired to implement, and pinpointed their preferred instrumentation location in relation to their room sizes and required spatial relationships that accompanied.

The entire process has been remarkable, one we've enjoyed being a part of, not to mention the incredible results. Their new office has continued to grow since its June opening in its new location, which is a testament to Dr. Kramer and his staff's planning, professionalism, and customer-oriented care. 

Our team wants to personally thank Dr. Kramer and his entire staff. We are truly blessed to have been a part of your expansion and growth. Thank you for the trust you put in our team.

Thank you Again – The ZuBarc Team