We provide dental cabinets
at the most competitive price.

We provide dental cabinets at the most competitive price.

The ZuBarc vision is to operate as a highly reputable dental cabinetry service provider within the dental market. We believe in people. ZuBarc has assembled a veteran team to provide our customers with a valuable & lasting experience. We work to achieve customer experience through each aspect of our business, our people, our service, and our quality of workmanship. ZuBarc achieves this by:

Exceed Expectations by Identifying and Recommending Client-specific solutions based on individual or Room-specific needs and wants for all aspects of the Dental process. 

Providing the Best Product & Services at the most Reasonable Cost through our advanced engineering and material optimization.

Maintaining a Commitment to Excellence in each aspect of our Business.

Maintaining a “Customer-First” focused philosophy in everything we do.

Our “Core” Values

Our “Four Points” of Commitment

  1. Client First: Valuing and Listening to our Prospective Clients
  2. Commitment to Excellence: Providing Quality Offerings Designed to Endure
  3. Education: Our veteran staff understands and identifies with current design concepts. By understanding these concepts our dental design team can work through floorplan analysis and efficiency planning with our clients prior to infrastructure design.
  4. Precision: We take the time to thoroughly review all aspects from initial design to construction, through to finished installation.

ZuBarc Customer

  1. Values a High Quality in their purchase criteria
  2. Values Information and Knowledge from their trusted advisors
  3. Values solutions that Improve Efficiency and Workflow
  4. Value their clients and allocates investment into Patient Care and New Technology
  5. Values Cabinetry Solutions Designed to Endure Time
  6. Values a low Personalized Design over traditional dental market offerings

Values quality Dental-specific over local custom non-dental offerings