Savings Calculator

The True Cost of Paying More for Dental Cabinetry

What is the True Impact of a Dollar Spent to Your Practice? Does that Dollar Drive Growth?

Current Estimate for Dental Cabinetry Zubarc Estimate for Dental Cabinetry
Loan Payment (3 yrs @ 5%) $3,596.51Loan Payment (3 yrs @ 5%) $2,157.90

ZuBarc Savings for Duration of Loan: On the Surface - $51,789.71

Workflow Savings: Production Necessary to Yield Differential

Practice Profit Margin = 30%

Production Necessary to yield the payment differential while maintaining the previous 30% profit margin: $172,632.37

Example: When we peel the surface back, this sample practice must produce just over 172k of total production to maintain their pre-purchase 30% profit margin to cover the loan payment differential for the duration of the loan. 

do the math

Do you want to run the numbers for your practice's dental cabinets?

We can show you how much you can save over the course of your loan and the impact that will have on your practice's necessary production. 

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