ZuBarc Freedom RC Series:

Empowering 12 O'Clock Solutions

Our Rear cabinet systems were designed for the modern Clinician in mind. Simplistic forms combined with clean lines allow for superior function and workflow within the space. Available in Free-Standing or Wall-Mount configurations to provide flexibility regardless of building construction.

The Pass-Through upper storage, available for the Free-Standing Series, grants restocking access without interrupting procedures. Solid Surface countertops promote cleanliness while providing an optimal working surface. Soft-Close hardware further refines the environment by eliminating unnecessary loud noise.  Moisture-resistant subbases feature floor seals, preventing liquid from getting under cabinets.  

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to Fit

Available in two widths; 36" & 42".

Central Delivery

This reinforced area is able to accommodate most worksurface and rear delivery units with added storage.

Front and Side Facing

Doctor's and Assistant's modules allow for LH/RH configuration as well as ideal workflow based on dedicated procedure rooms.

Included Midsection

Can house most NO2 flowmeter units and features an additional countertop worksurface for ancillary devices.  Also available; Open Midsection, grants full depth, one level countertop access when nitrous is not needed.

Upper Storage

Available in two heights; 72" & 78".  Extended Upper storage adds functionality by increasing the spacing for Tub or Tray storage.  Optional features such as additional CPU storage, Glove dispensers, and Pass-Through capabilities provide optimal functional and storage solutions. 







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Handle Options

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