Dental Cabinetry

Made for the Modern Clinician

ZuBarc Dental Cabinet Solutions offers today’s Modern Clinician Operatory, Sterilization, and Lab Environments with emphasis on Quality, Clinical Workflow, and Ancillary Equipment Integration. For Dentist By Dentist!

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2024 Zubarc Update

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Our Mission is Simple

Provide high-quality dental cabinets at the most competitive price.

The cost to build, renovate, and/or remodel a dental practice with the latest in competitive technology and procedural offerings continues to rise. Budgets for dental cabinetry can reach $80,000 - $200,000 depending on the size and scope of the project.

Our solutions are designed to offer clinicians and practice owners the quality cabinetry they desire at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings.


rear cabinet feature upper

Rear Cabinets

Simplistic forms combined with clean lines allow for superior function and workflow within the space.

side cabinet feature

Side Cabinets

Our TR series cabinetry allows variable degrees of side supporting functionality when the job requires it.

sterilization cabinet feature flip

Sterilization Cabinets

CDC guidelines drive our ST Series cabinet system's designs to keep the Sterilization in the Ideal workflow. 

t-wall cabinet feature

T-Wall Cabinets

Our TW series cabinetry provides an ideal Handwash Station on T-shaped dividing walls.

xray cabinet feature

X-Ray Cabinets

Our XA series cabinetry provides an ideal Pass-Through X-Ray storage solution allowing dual operatory usage by placing it into the wall. 

in wall cabinet feature

In-Wall Solutions

Our SS series of Smart Storage cabinetry provides a unique In-Wall Solution to many operatory needs. 

dispensers cabinet feature


Our Wall-hung Upper Dispensers organize necessities into a convenient and consistent location.


ZuBarc's design team works directly with you and your team to develop and produce the cabinetry that will best suit your specific needs. 


I had an excellent experience the whole way with ZuBarc. They helped me customize every aspect of my cabinets to my specific needs. I was able to choose all the finishes so they also fit my aesthetic. They worked with my equipment rep to make sure everything lined up. I was so impressed with the installation and customer service. As a start-up, I will be adding more treatment rooms as I grow and would not use anyone else other than ZuBarc.

J. Hayman, DMD

Feb 2021

We needed dental cabinets for 12o’clock and Sterilization and the whole process was great! The selections were quite a few and the folks worked with us to quickly finalize the design. The delivery took a bit of time but that’s true with everything during COVID. The installation process was really seamless, and the cabinets are all of high quality. They even fixed a minor issue when they came to get feedback on the cabinets. I would highly recommend Zubarc for cabinets to other dentists and dental offices.

Dr. Sachdeva

June 2022

When I was building out my office I was so surprised at the cost of ‘dental’ cabinetry. I was lucky to find ZuBarc. They not only delivered and installed beautiful dental cabinetry quickly and on time, but it was at a fraction of the cost of the dental suppliers.

They were great communicators and helped me design an awesome layout. Highly recommended! Great guys too!

K. Kramer

Jan 2021

TJ was fantastic to work with. He not only did a great job installing and making sure I was happy, but he did it in a very professional way and with a phenomenal attitude. The entire company has been wonderful to work with, and I cannot thank you all enough for making this process as smooth as it was. Thank you a million times over!

M.Bowers, DMD

April 2022

I have worked with Marc over 20 years, and have always been impressed with his willingness to go above and beyond for his customers.

Marc never fails to stand by his products and he offers invaluable expertise during the decision making process. I would not hesitate to recommend Marc to my peers.

G. Carmen, DMD, MS

Me and my team have loved our Zubarc 12 oclock cabinetry and sterilization center. Patients are always very impressed with how clean and precise they look when we give them an office tour. It was an affordable and excellent choice. As a new startup dentist, I loved working with both John Zuba and TJ Pittman. They offered excellent service and wonderful encouragement to our office. 10/10 recommend.

Dr. Charles (Chaz) Vittitow

June 2023

My experience with Zubarc was the best part of my dental buildout process.

From start to finish, John and TJ went above and beyond. John spent a lot of time with me on the phone, helping me plan the cabinets, addressing all my concerns. He truly listened and offered solutions that worked for my layout and budget. He gave me time to think about each rendering and was happy to make revisions. Never once did I feel rushed; never did it feel like a sales pitch. He was genuinely trying to help me. The price was reasonable and right for my budget.

The cabinets were installed last week, and I am blown away by the quality. They are amazing! Seriously well-made! They are high quality. The wood and the veneers are thick, so the cabinets are heavy and sturdy. My husband used to own a kitchen cabinet business and he said “Wow” these are good cabinets.

The installation was the most efficient part of my entire construction project. The planning and measurements were perfect. I was shocked at how seamless the installation was. TJ (ZuBarc’s project and installation coordinator) and his team were in and out in no time, very fast, maybe took a day and a half. You can tell he is an expert; he can do this in his sleep.

I don’t usually write reviews, but I am very impressed by the price and quality of these cabinets. Really, it exceeded my expectations. As someone whose husband knows cabinets, these are high quality and very reasonably priced, and the team is honest and highly skilled.

Jill Dooley, DDS

Florida, Nov 2022

why zubarc

Each dental office is unique to its location, mission, procedural offering, specialty, technological advancements, staff, personality, and so many more factors that create brand and mindshare within its sphere of influence. 

As unique as each practice is to its own goals and objectives, there are common threads among most dental practices: patient care, staff, patient experience, growth, and profitability.  

Investment into products, services, and people have been on the uptrend for years as offices strive to compete and offer the best care and service they can provide to their patients. As a result, budgets and investment allocations are being heavily scrutinized to assure a return. ZuBarc directly addresses these shifting consumer spending preferences. 

the difference

CAD Design &
CNC Manufacturing

Designed in-house for you and made in the USA.

Dental Cabinetry Specialists

We only design and offer dental cabinetry.

Diverse Solutions

We offer a wide array of operatory, lab, and sterilization solutions to fit each client’s space and/or preferred workflow.  

Experienced Team

Our Team has more than 100 years of dental equipment and office design experience that filters into our designs, craftsmanship, and workflow.

Quality Control

We install our own product to ensure quality control to our customer’s office.

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