Dr. Aggarwal


Dr. Aggarwal contacted ZuBarc during the construction of his new office in late 2019.  He and his staff have a beautiful & thriving dental office centered around the patient experience, technology, and advanced procedures & offerings.  
Dr. Aggarwal & Team came to ZuBarc seeking quality/longevity with emphasis surrounding workflow & functionality hoping to improve on past designs.  He and the team desired separate and unique designs for hygiene, operative, and surgical rooms to maximize the workflow per each treatment room's intent. His team carefully evaluated our designs, quality, and price points against two other manufacturers.  
Our Team met his quality and functional requirements while providing a distinct pricing advantage. The result was a large U-Shaped STAX Sterilization Centers, (8) Treatment Rooms to include Rear Cabinetry, in-the-wall SMART Storage Cabinets, T-Wall Sink Cabinets, STAX Lab Cabinetry, and more.  
Dr. Aggarwal has been wonderful.  He has become a true partner to our team and is a terrific resource and referral for ZuBrac Dental Cabinet Solutions. We wish him all the best and continued success!