Dr. Hayman


Dr. Hayman was referred to ZuBarc in late 2019 while planning the construction of her start-up.  Dr. Hayman worked directly with an industry-best consulting team thru this process who carefully crafted each step for a known and repeatable outcome.  
Her project was extremely well thought out and each step was carefully measured.  Her finished project is an absolutely stunning dental office in a thriving location.  Her staff exemplifies the professional practice that she sought to create.  
The ZuBarc product was carefully selected to complement the modern decor.  Beautiful white rain textured finishes with matte black handles and hardware highlight the ZuBarc product.
The overall result has been phenomenal.  Their office has grown leaps and bounds since its opening which is a testament to their planning, professionalism, and customer-oriented care.
In 2021 Dr. Hayman reached back out to ZuBarc to assist with an additional operatory as she continued her expansion within her market of influence. Dr. Hayman and staff have been absolutely awesome to work with and have become a wonderful referral source for our team. We thank them dearly for allowing us to be a small part of their growth and success.