Twin Teeth Family Dentistry


"The installation guys were great! Your team has been wonderful to work with. The STAX Sterilization Center is the crown jewel of the office.

 In our 1st month, we had 4 colleagues come by to see it after being referred by different vendors who came through our office. These colleagues are looking to expand or remodel their practices and wanted to see what Zubarc had to offer. To say they walked away impressed is an understatement. Andrew and I are being ambassadors as best we can, I promise!

Above everything else, our staff is in love. The heart beat of any practice is found in the auxiliaries and they are only as efficient as the equipment allows. When all 3 ladies came to interview/tour our office, the 1st thing they wanted to see was sterilization. After that, they wanted the job. Andrew and I only took it slightly personally that our charming demeanors lost out to an inanimate object. 

We look forward to future business opportunities between Twin Teeth Family Dentistry and Zubarc. God willing, that will happen sooner rather than later."

Andrew S. Cude, DDS