Dr. Silva


Dr. Silva found ZuBarc during the planning stages for his new dental office.  He and team were seeking a quality true dental cabinet solution in his Treatment Rooms and Sterilization.  Although local cabinetry and Contractor cabinets were an option, the importance of having dental-specific cabinets designed for dental function and flow in his Practice was KEY for long-term success.
We completed the first three operatories as well as the ancillary support centers (ie. sterilization) during phase 1 with Dr. Silva and his team. His office is beautiful and highly functional/efficient. We wish he and his team all the continued growth and success and look forward to equipping their last three rooms as demand continues.
The relationship established with Dr. Silva throughout the process enabled him to receive the requirements and specs he exactly wanted in his New Start-Up Practice! Thank you, Dr. Silva and Team.  It was a true please to work with your team.