ZuBarc Freedom TW Series:

Central placement supports productive flow

Our TW series cabinetry provides an ideal Handwash Station on T-shaped dividing walls.  With a narrow 18" width, this cabinet allows easy washing between operatories without losing egress.  The flexibility this cabinet offers can allow designs to maximize office design when space is tight.

TW18 - ANGLE trim

to Fit

Can fit on 20" wall comfortably 

Ideal Location

Between Operatories 

Soft-Close Storage

Multiple drawer and bulk storage options allow easy access while keeping the operatory quiet. 

Included Sink Package

Stainless steel undermount sink and waste provide clean functionality.  High Quality Faucets & soap dispensers stand the test of the dental environment.  Optional Touch-Sensor adds efficiency and reduces touchpoints.  

Sharps Disposal

Optional: Sharps + Waste can be added in place of Waste only giving more flexibility.  CDC now recommends disposal of sharps within operatory.    


Faucet, Soap, and Handle Options

Color Charts